Wed Dec 8th & Thurs Dec 9th 2021

Wed Dec 8th & Thurs Dec 9th 2021

The Total Abundance Summit will be a celebration of choosing, manifesting, and experiencing ABUNDANCE in all areas of our lives. We will specifically highlight 7 areas of total life abundance that we get to create:

Over the course of 2 days you'll here from our speakers and panelists about how they have created abundance in their lives, what lessons they learned along the way, and insights for how you can do the same in yours. Our keynotes will be a mix of solo talks, interviews, and panel conversations. You won't want to miss a minute of it!

We've got an amazing lineup of speakers and panelists from various industries and areas of life expertise & experience...

Camille Telicia

Yulinda Renee

Jasmine Leyva

Bess Leader

Tosh Patterson

Tasia Macaraeg

Vee Prince

Mischelle O'Neal

Emery McMillan

more speakers being added...

Camille Telicia - Summit Creator & Host

Camille Telicia aka The Intentional Goddess is a Leadership & Life Design Strategist. She finds the intersections between Leadership, Business, Personal, & Spiritual Development and design strategies for high-achieving women entrepreneurs and executives to create 360-degree alignment with who they are, how they create income, and what fills their soul.

Camille was inspired to create this summit because she wanted to create a space for people to give themselves permission to expect and accept more abundance in their lives.

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